District Court

Location and Dates

  • Gosnell District Court is held in the Gosnell Justice Complex at 307 South Airbase Highway, Gosnell AR. 72315.
  • Gosnell Discrict Court is held on the first and third Monday each month at 1:30 PM.
    (Court dates are subject to cancelation. In the event of court cancelation, you will recieve notification via USPS mail service.)
  • If you need to inquire about a specific court date, please call (870) 532-8544 and ask to speak to the clerks office.
    It is your responsibility to ensure the correct mailing address is provided to the court in case of cancelation.

Payment Information

Payment arrangements may be granted at the discretion of the court. At least 25 percent of the total fine must be paid before eligibility for a payment plan will be considered. Payment plans are only granted if you have no existing payment plan. If you have an existing payment plan, the first payment plan must be paid off before a new one will be granted.

To pay a Gosnell District Court traffic citation:

  1. By mail: The mailing address and payment infomation can be located on the back of your citation.
    Payments must include your citation with the correct information completed.
  2. Citations can also be paid in person at the Gosnell District Court Clerks Office located at
    201 South Airbase Highway, Gosnell, AR. 72315
  3. Citations can be paid online: To pay online, please click the link below.


After 5:00 P.M. bonds will be accepted at the Gosnell Police Department. The full amount of the bond must be paid in order to post bond for an arrestee. A bail bondsman may be used in leu of posting the entire amount of the bond for a standard value bond. After hours bonds will only be accepted in the form of cash in the exact amount, as the Police Department does not have the ability to issue change for anything paid over the amount of the bond.

Chief Court Clerk | Alvque Henderson

                              To contact the Chief Court Clerk please call Gosnell City Hall at 
(870) 532-8544.